A day in the life of an ordinary saint.

Rodgers is a seven year old, mentally and physically challenged boy who can’t talk or walk. His mother died at birth and when Mary found him, his only company was a dog. He needed residential care but was neither an orphan or under five and so didn’t qualify for any care.
Mary rattlled some heads together and Beartha appeared, volunteered, took him in and found a carer.
Now read the recent mails.

From: thenjiwe ngoma [mailto:wabungoma@yahoo.com]
Sent: 02 March 2007 11:07
To: atcof@iol.ie
Subject: Dear Mary
Greetings from Malawi.Hope you are fine,am fine with the family
Good news,Rodger can now alter a word go-go which means grandmother and tries to stand for three times. i just praise God for that,we are encouraged that one day he will stand and walk alone.
The bad news is that Rodgers sponsor, Chris and Paulilne of Rafiki Foundation are no longer working with Rafiki, they have gone back home(USA).
Am wishing you all the best as you will be returning to MAlawi-mzuzu soon.

your friend,
Bertha Ng;oma(mrs) …opperbertha@yahoo.co.uk

John Coyne wrote:
Dear Bertha,
We are delighted to hear of Rodgers’ progress and saddened to hear about his sponsors.
Mary will be happy to support him until we get back again on April 11, hopefully, God willing.
Please let us know the financial requirements and we will try and get the money to you, via Harrisen Amin in SJOG.
We really appreciate your interest and concern.
God Bless you.
From John,
For your friend Mary Coyne

Hope you are alright together with the family.Am fine with my family despite i lost my aunt last week.
I praise the Lord for Rodgers health which is improving daily I know that God has a purpose for him.And about his basic needs are
1:clothes, shoes, those that you bought are worn out.
2:With june coming,he’ll need another blanket,sweater
3:and basic needs such as soap,creams.

In addtion i wanted to add a rise of salary to the lady who is looking after him beacause she is doing a great job.But i can not manage because i have to pay school fees for 13 children(5 mine,4 little orphans,2 nieces and 3 nephews).
I know Mary that i have asjked too much but whatever you help is ok, i will appreciate very much. May God Bless you.

Thank You,
Your friend Bertha



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