Visit to St Joseph’s, Presentation College, Lucan

Today, we met with and spoke to fifth and sixth year Geography students as a result of the interest their teacher, Sean Casey, has in our project We are very appreciative of the great welcome and help we got from everyone.
Our idea was to show a relationship between our work in Malawi and their Geography programme in terms of concept and content.
Mary spoke on her experiences in the St John of God school for the mentally challenged and on her work with the street children while I spoke on trying to achieve sustainable progress in remote rural villages, on gender issues, poverty and water.
We hope our visit has afforded the girls a small glimpse of the harsh realities of the day to day struggles of subsistence farmers, the gender issues and the real sins of injustice in a world where we in Ireland have everything while others have nothing.
Thanks to all concerned for the opportunity and the interest.


One thought on “Visit to St Joseph’s, Presentation College, Lucan

  1. Before your visit to the school,I have always thought of Africa as a unit.Africa was one extremely poor continent riddled with disease,drought,famine,warcrime and discrimination.It always seemed so far away.
    But now,after your talk with us on Malawi,the impact of a kind heart and a focused mind shows how far a helping hand can go. Yes all these things might be present,but the their lives do not stop on account of it.I was struck with how happy the people seemed!,how eager to learn and to build they were through the stories you told us.They seem to be so willing and able-a model of determination for all of us with so much petty needless things in our life which we have wasted valuable money on.Because money is so valuable to them.I was amazed by their saving scheme!
    I would like to thank you and congratulate you on your amazing work so far.You have opened up my eyes certainly.thank you!

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