Special Olympics success for “Mary’s Children” at St John of God, Mzuzu

News from Ellen at St John Of God, Mzuzu.

Special Olympic Games – National Event

This year the competitions for all the three regions took place here in Mzuzu – Upper stadium on 4th March 2007. It was a preparation for the World Special Olympic games to be held in China on 10th October 2007.

All centres for special Olympics from the Southern and Northern region came including, St. Andrews High School, Feed the Children (Cheshire Homes) and Lilongwe SOS Village.

After the competition three athletes from our school were each awarded with a gold medal and one athlete with silver medal. The rest received ribbons.

Out of nine Malawian athletes to represent us in China during World Special Olympic games competition this year, October 2007, we are happy to report that two of them are Children from St. John of God. One is a girl, Sakira Mfune from our resource unit and Robert Chirambo from Umoza Program. Here, our centre included children from Special School, Umoza and Institute of Vocational Training. Only those with Mental Retardation (MR) were eligible. Since special Olympics are games for people with intellectual disabilities from 8 years to 55 years old.

Everything in preparation for their journey except passport will be provided by Special Olympics in Malawi. However our two athletes Sakina and Robert have no passports so they need well wishers to assist them as soon as possible to raise money for their passport fee between March and April in order not to miss the chance on 10th October 2007. Their registration forms with photographs have already been sent to China.

(Is’nt this great news – John?)


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