Our friend Sue…. Transforming Lives

Sue Cansdale is another wonder woman in my life

Dear Friends and Well-wishers,

Just to bring you up to date with progress. We tried the condensed version of Transforming Lives, but it was immediately clear that it no longer had the ‘pick me up and read me’ appeal of the original version. The pages of solid grey type with reduced margins were very off-putting. We did not want to lose any of the stories either, because each one is important in showing the breadth of transplantation.

We asked if we could raise the difference in the cost of producing the 100 page original version as against 64 pages. (21 tons of books instead of 13 tons!!!)

Jacqueline Gold has kindly agreed to print 40,000 copies of the original version free of charge instead of 50,000 of the slimmed down version she offered on the programme. That really is terrific news.

The books will be printed at the end of March to fit in with other printing commitments Broglia Press has.

Fergussons of Blyth, the haulage company, have offered to collect the books from Poole in Dorset and bring them up to Northumberland where they can store them in essential, clean, dry conditions for a few months. That is a wonderful offer and a big relief.

I am now working on creating a distribution network.

More news as it happens…. Sue


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