Caring and sharing young men

Today, Mary and myself visited Our Lady of Good Counsel BNS, Johnstown, Dunlaoghaire, to visit the confirmation classes of Carmel Kavanagh and Eilish Walsh and were afforded a real treat. The boys of the two sixth classes were amazing. They were welcoming, enthusiastic, informed, bright and questioning. They had obviously prepared well for our visit and wanted to know everything. The grasped the principle of the Canzee Pump like a flash and had an idea for everything and even a view on how to divide two small hard sweets into twelve shares!! They were a pleasure to be with and a credit to themselves, their parents, their teachers and school.
They have great futures ahead of them, but they also have an acute awareness of others, who by an accident of geography are less privileged.
Their very generous donation from their Confirmation commitment will make a significant difference to a remote rural village in Northern Malawi, helping them to make a giant move towards self sufficiency.
The development of the village co operative garden concept will enable them to pay for, and take ownership of the pumps, wells, dams, irrigation projects and whatever else they decide is needed and the micro credit scheme will enable villagers to plan their own destiny, to some extent.
A big thank you to Mr Neil Cadogan the Principal, for taking time out of his busy schedule to be with us at the presentation. He should be very proud of a great school.
Gura míle maith agat don Múinteoir Cian as ucht an cabhair a thug sé dúinn an taispeántas a chuir i bhfeidhm.


5 thoughts on “Caring and sharing young men

  1. Hello,Mary and John!

    Really enjoyed your visit today in Johnstown
    The both of you were very interesting
    And I think you are great people to give up so much to help others less fortunate
    We are lucky that we have so much,so its good to be able to share with these poor people and make such a difference to their lives

    Thanking You,
    Daniel Baker 🙂

  2. Hello Mary and John .

    i was there at johnstown today, and i think your great people , you are great the way you make a differince , not just by giving food which will run out but making a differince that will last forever !

    well done your amazing people,
    Neil bleakley

  3. Hello Mary and John.

    I was at johnstown on Wednesday and i think that what you are doing is excellent.Your dvd was very interesting and there were some great photos too.It’s a very impressive website you have her as well.Good luck in the future with your great work.

    Regards,Craig Kenny.

  4. dear mary and john when i saw your presentation at johnstown b.n.s. i couldnt believe at how much work you two put in to what you love doing which is helping the less fortunate. when you told us that you were going over to malawi again on easter tuesday i felt really bad because i am going to be in new york at that time.i feel only honoured yo donate some of our confirmation money to you. i hope to some day go and do what you two did in malawi.thank you for a different under standing about the projects that try to help the less fortunate.

    eoghan mckeever

  5. hi mary and john
    thanls for everything and showing us why we contrbuted to this donation.
    We really got intrested in what you’s do and its amazing what you’s do.
    Thanks for making me realise the truth and i hope our money(Johnstown school)contributed was helpful.
    Thanks you
    Sean Toner:D

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