Good News is often shortlived in Malawi

Just when you think you are winning, there is a nasty around the corner.
Harisen´s report today is very different. Thunderstorms hit the Zambia village yesterday resulting in huge flooding. Part of our village garden was washed away, just as we were ready to go to market. the dashing of dreams is a common occurrence here.
What do these amazing women say?, “We have some seeds left, we´ll plant them as soon as the floods have gone”.
I´m devastatated and I´m 6000 miles away. I know how hard they all worked, because I was there with them for the cultivation. You can see their efforts by looking at the small video “Meitheal in Mzgora”.
I´ts hard to imagine that in a very short time there will be no water to be found ant this soaked land will turn to dust. BUT there are solutions!.
The close contact with these village people makes the problems of Africa very real to me.
Lessons will be learned and we will avoid planting in these areas during the rainy season in future or maybe build dykes or widen the stream.
New seeds will arrive tomorrow if the roads permit and the spirit of these remote women will be tested one more time.


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