Table quiz in Lucan Sarsfields a huge success

Organsise by longterm friend Tony Tobin and ably assisted by John Mills and his wife Margaret, the quiz was a wonderful financial success as well as a very enjoyable night.The effort raised €1215, from the generosity of all those gathered.
Sean Walshe, the quizmaster was at his very best, the Clandillons got through an amazing amount of work, the spot prizes were numerous and of a very high standard and the Clubhouse was very welcoming. On behalf of the eventual village recipients I offer sincere thanks to all.
This fund will enable us to give the village the jump start needed for self suffiency in terms of food security and clean drinking water. What an amazing thought, seeing that we all had such a wonderfully enjoyable night.
I would also like to thank the local representatives, Frances Fitzgearld, Billy Gogarty, Paul Gogarty Derek Keating, Eamonn Tuffy and Joanna Tuffy. (alpahbetical order).
Their support and donations are greatly appreciated.
On a sad note, Tony and Margaret are leaving us to head South East and in that we wish them health and happiness in their new home.
Finally, the fact that all the prizewinners gave back their prizes meant that €340 is included in the total, and will make a significant difference to the future of a village


One thought on “Table quiz in Lucan Sarsfields a huge success

  1. Hi Paul,

    I used to play for Lucan Sarsfields and Tony Tobin was my manager ( and your’s I think). I was hoping you had a forwarding address for him as I’d like to send him a card and wish him well.


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