This will rock you

We have just added a new video on WATER, which we have borrowed it from Google Video, to our website ( and we hope it will ROCK YOU. We are hoping that if you rock we can shake a little money out of you.
In sending this mail we would like you to do four things:

Look at and enjoy the Water video; we think it rocks. “Water in the World” movie

Look at the DONATE page.
Donating is not the important thing here. We would like you to know what we are doing and how little money makes a difference, especially, when all of your donation is spent IN a village.
Of course there is nothing wrong with donating.
We will take any kind of money, any way you like: foreign money, some from inside the sofa, any you’re not using any more. We’ll take used old money, new pocket money. If its dirty we’ll wash it. If it’s hot we’ll put it in the freezer
Donate on line, use an envelope, use a lorry or if it’s a ton of money we’ll collect it.
If money is scarce you could do a pre Christmas hours work for your mother, walk the dog, or the father. We’d be happy with an hours pay even at minimum wage. You could beg for an hour, mortgage your ipod, hold the cat for ransom or sell your pet mouse.
If you are very poor send us a begging letter and we will pass it to Loness in Zambia village, and she will see what she can send you after the harvest. Watch the cultivation of the first ‘village garden’ in Zambia, Mzgora to see what they are doing there to raise money for other projects.

EVEN 1€ WILL PAY A VILLAGERS WAGES AND FOOD FOR A DAY or help to GIVE SOMEONE CLEAN WATER FOREVER. (It may be a drop in the ocean but as the great Desmond Tutu tells us, “even the ocean in made up of little drops“.)

Forward the email to a friend and rock them too. My mother at 80 told me yesterday, “friends come and go, but your enemies are with you forever”, so send them a mail as well.
We would love a little money, but their support would be great.

Spread the word
The more people who visit the website the more help we will get.

You have just read a begging letter. Lots of this is joking but our cause is deadly serious. We are BEGGING but we know that every euro can make a difference.

Have a sparkling Christmas and a prosperous New Year.


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