A Friend in Need

A very close friend of ours, Sue Cansdale, has spent the past 18 months working with’ and recording the stories of organ transplant donors and recipients. The result of her endeavours is a wonderful book entitled “Transforming Lives”.
In a few days her website will be live at http://www.legacyoflife.org.uk.

What is ‘Legacy of Life’?

‘Legacy of Life’ is a small charitable group committed to spreading information about transplants, the benefits to recipients AND donor families, of organ and tissue donation and encouraging more people to think about being donors

My husband,Richard, and I started Legacy of Life after our daughter, Zoe, was killed in a motorcycle accident in September 1998. Her heart valves transformed the lives of two little girls and her cornea restored sight to a young man of 24. Knowing she helped these young people is a great comfort to our family.

Often we do not think about organ and tissue donation until someone we love has died unexpectedly. This is not the best time to have to make decisions. By encouraging people to talk about these issues with their friends and family, when the time does come, hopefully after a long and fulfilled life, the decision is easy.


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