Our Lady’s in full swing

The girls at Our Lady’s, Terenure seem to have swung into action this morning, looking at the comments. Their efforts will have an unbelievable effect on some of the poorest and remote areas of this world. These effects will not be immediate, but will definitely have an effect on next year’s Christmas like clean water, enough food and maybe a little chicken or goat.
They have no idea what our Christmas is like here in Ireland, they couldn’t even imagine.
Based on this effort, I feel that there is hope of more equitable world.


15 thoughts on “Our Lady’s in full swing

  1. I’m sorry to say i missed the talk given in our school recently but heard nothing but positive feedback. You really seemed to get through to everyone unlike many other talks we’ve recieved. It’s a great cause x x x

  2. Just want to say thanks for the great talk you gave in the school recently, i think the whole idea is really great, especially the fact that when donating we know exactly where the money is going. This alone makes me want to donate more. At the moment in our religion class, we’re sending money to wells for zoe for our chris kindle instead of buying presents for eachother. I’d love to hear more about what your doing and where our money goes… you really seemed to get through to us, which doesn’t really happen at 6th year talks in our school, so please come back and tell us more!

  3. heya,
    just want to say thanks a million for the talk you gave us a while ago…its very reassuring to know exactly were your money is going when making a donation. i hope your trip went well and i am looking forward to your next visit and to hear about your last trip!!!!

  4. I think the gift cards for christmas are a really lovely way of getting people involved in the wellsforzoe project during the christmas season! our whole class is taking part in it and the work you’re all doing is really fantastic. The talk we received in the school was really inspiring and I really look forward to seeing all the further success with wellsforzoe in the future.Sinead x x

  5. Hello. It’s very interesting to learn about your work. I think it is a great cause. Congratulations on everything you’ve done so far. We’ll continue to support your efforts.

  6. Can’t wait for the talk on Tuesday. Its a really good charity and there are a lot of dedicated people involved.

  7. Hi! the gift cards was a really great idea! i am donating money for the wells for zoe and i am delighted thats its for good cause! loking foward to your visit!

  8. Hello.I think that your efforts in doing such a worth while and amazing thing is extremly admirable. when i am older i wish to do the same thing. I think it is very intresting what you are doing and i am hoping to find out alot more about it. My religion teacher is telling us all about what you do and she is fundraising in our school to raise money to give you. As i have been looking and reading your website i can see that you are having fun aswell as doing something for others. We can all see that your project is working.

  9. we are donating money to Wells For Zoe on the behalf of other girls in our class for kris kindle. looking forward to the talk on tuesday x x x

  10. As i looked at ur website i couldnt help feel admiration for all the things you are doing for the people of Malawi. You are not just suppling water for these people you are bringing hope into their lives.
    I think what you are doing is truly worth while and you should be very proud of yourselves. Not many people will be thinking of these people at Christmas time, they will be caught up with the Christmas spirit bt i will assure you they will be in my heart.

  11. Well hello! Cant wait for the talk. This seems like a really good cause. We are all donating money for our class kris kindle. We are all looking forward to the talk and we all want to learn more about wells for zoe. All the people look so happy about the wells in the videos and i’m glad that we can help. All the 5th and 6th years are saying that the talk was very ispiring so i hope it will be. The kris kindle is getting really funny because we are all trying to figure out who has each other! Cant wait for the talk see you next Tuesday!!!!!!!!! xxx

  12. we tink dat us r duin a gr8 job!!!i lv wat ur duin its so sweet!!! tel all de people we said hey n ders ltsa money on d way frm our CSPE project!!!! gud luk wit ur good wrks luv ya tara aoife n emma xxxxxxx:):)

  13. John and Mary,
    Thank you so much for giving your time up and coming in to my classes this afternoon to talk about your experiences in Malawi. It really brought home the needs of the people in Malawi and I think we all realise that even more at this time of the year.
    Thank you again.

    Irene Fitzgerald

  14. heya! i tink dis is a reli reli reli gud idea! i hope al da people in malawi had a gr8 xmas tanx 2 these amazin people! hopefully the more unfortunate people will have a happier new year 2 luk forward 2! im so glad i took part in d kris kindle and i tink evey1 in ols shud b proud! tanx 4 makin a difference! hope 2 hear from u soon! xxxxx

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